Breakfast at The Old Fork in Duncan, BC

Huevos Rancheros at The Old Fork

Since moving away from Victoria, Nate and I have bemoaned the fact that there were no great breakfast places in the area. “Going for breakfast” is a Big Deal in Victoria, which is home to many breakfast joints, all of which have lineups out the door by 9 am on weekends. We were pretty stoked when we saw an ad in the paper for a new restaurant in town that featured breakfast – and not just any breakfast, either: The Old Fork‘s Deep South inspired all-day breakfast menu boasts ridiculous biscuits and egg bennies, pulled pork combinations, and insane sounding French toast. They only opened at the beginning of March, but we heard great things about the food from Nate’s parents, so we decided to give them a try yesterday morning.

The restaurant is located in the Silverbridge Motor Inn but feels completely unlike any motel restaurant I’ve ever been in. The interior has been totally re-done and has a sort of barn/industrial feel, with rough planks on the walls and decorative metal pieces. This might not sound like the coziest decor, but it really works and is actually very inviting and funky. There were only a few other people there when we arrived at 9 am (no line up – just one perk of not living in the city!), so we were seated immediately. The staff was very friendly and attentive, the coffee was plentiful and delicious, and everything on the menu sounded so good, it was hard to choose. Nate finally settled on the Heuvos Rancheros (with homemade enchilada sauce) and I got the Praline Bacon French Toast.

Praline Bacon French Toast

Praline Bacon French Toast

The food arrived quickly and we dug in happily. Nate wished the Heuvos had more cheese and he missed the crispiness of the tortilla that he’s used to, but the ingredients were tasty and fresh. He said the shredded hash brown on the side was the best part – crispy and golden but not oily. My French toast was as decadent as I was expecting: thick French bread dipped in egg batter with praline’d pecans embedded in the sides, topped with bacon and melted cheddar. I was initially unsure of the cheddar, but it balanced out the sweetness of the dish and the whole thing was really good.

We were finished our meal within 30 minutes, and our bill was less than $30.00, which is a steal compared to the $40.00 we were used to spending on breakfast in Victoria! We will definitely be back to try out the rest of the menu, which includes some equally delicious-sounding lunch and dinner items (including house smoked focaccia bread. OMG!) πŸ™‚
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    I lived near Duncan, lo, these many years ago LOL (alas am now situated in Edmonton πŸ™ )
    A friend in Australia referred me to your site. Small world and all that . . . Lovely to see Victoria referenced, too, and yes! breakfast is the best thing to go out for . . . Next time I get to the Wet Coast, I will try to get up to Duncan and check this place out; sounds like just what all of my family and friends love! ~ Linne

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    Victoria? Oh my, only now I realize you are Canadian… πŸ˜‰ hi there.
    always love to read your restaurant reviews, makes me feel like almost being there and tasting the food. love breakfasts on that side of the ocean, even if my experience is all from US still.

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